Alignment & Tire Swap

Offer Ends: 2021/11/15
Alignment & Tire Swap


SWAP, STORE AND ALIGNMENT                                                           $229.95 plus HST (SAVE $30)

SWAP, BALANCE AND ALIGNMENT                                                      $249.95 plus HST (SAVE $25)

SWAP, BALANCE, STORE AND ALIGNMENT                                        $299.95 plus HST (SAVE $55)


Alignments prevent uneven wear on tires. Some of the reasons that vehicles go out of alignment include hitting potholes, bumping into curbs, speed bumps or being in an accident. A vehicle not properly aligned can also compromise your safety by affecting how your car handles on the road and braking. A properly aligned vehicle increases road contact, creates a smooth ride, gives your tires longer life and helps with keeping the best fuel mileage. It is recommended by Chrysler to perform an alignment every 20,000 kms.

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